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Brisbane West Senior Citizens' Centre is a non-profit, community run centre, providing activities and services to community members aged 50 years and older.

The centre originated in the 1970s. With the assistance of government funding, club fundraising and the support of local churches and service clubs, a centre for the club was built and opened in 1972. (The association still operates out of these premises in Paddington.) The club at this stage operated under the auspices of trustees.

In the early 1980s the club was approached to open a day care centre for the frail aged. As a condition of government funding to establish this centre, it was necessary for the club to incorporate.

In 1986 the club incorporated and the Paddington Day Respite Centre which operates under the auspices of the association, opened the following year.

The BWSCC is managed by a volunteer management committee.

The current committee members are:
President: Rob Thomson
Treasurer: Peter Marshall
Secretary: Bernie Mayers
Committee Members: Beverley Michels, Karen Dare, Maxwell Volkers, Bruce McKie.

For more information about senior citizens' activities or day respite, or to enquire about becoming a member of the association please contact us.







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